Who is Trotz alledem?

You are holding the 1st number of the newspaper „Trotz alledem“ in your hands. Many of you will say „Oh no, not yet another left wing newspaper, we have enough of them“! Yes, there are several of them. For the task we’ve set ourselves, though, we cannot unite around another one. We want neither more nor less than working and fighting for building the Bolshevik Party in Germany!

We are communists, men and women, of different nationalities living, working and fighting in Germany. In spite of all the swansongs about the demise of Communism, about an „impracticable utopia“, we hold on to Socialism and it is no utopia! It is the only alternative to barbarism!.Barbarism is exploitation of the labor power of working men and women who create the riches of society. Barbarism is imperialist plunder and intensified exploitation of dependent countries populated by the overwhelming majority of the world?s peoples who live in the most wretched conditions. Barbarism is destruction of the foundations of life of human beings out of greed for profit and consumption terror. Barbarism is lack of prospects for the working youth. Barbarism is enslavement of working women by capital and patriarchy. Barbarism is furious reactionary wars all over the world! Barbarism is domination of imperialism as pure fascism in many countries of the world.Only in a radical way, through fundamental change can barbarism be ended for all times. Not reforms and gradual change will stop barbarism, but only the proletarian revolution violently smashing the established order and creating the foundations of a new system, the dictatorship of the working class.This socialist revolution can only be the work of the oppressed and exploited masses, working women and men and the revolutionary youth under the leadership of their own Communist Party alone. The proletariat, as the revolutionary class representing the interests of all exploited people, will be the hegemon in the revolution.Creating the Communist Party of the working class which will organize and lead the fights, work out the stategy and tactics, generalize the experiences and put them at the disposal of the masses is our goal.

This Communist Bolshevik Party does not exist in the FRG today. There are various organisations with a claim to being such a party, but none of them deserves it.One task of this newspaper will be to prove this point concretely on the basis of fundamental political issues. Creating a real Communist Party in the FRG that stands in the revolutionary tradition of the KPD of Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and Ernst Thälmann and the III., Communist International, is the greatest challenge today. Everywhere you hear people saying „Communism is dead“, „there is no proletariat anymore“. The working class in the FRG is subject to the paralyzing influence of bourgeois ideologues and reformist and revisionist leaders. Partial defensive actions are carried out against the attacks on hard-won social and economic rights, but independent class struggle is still underdeveloped.In our view it is the duty of all communists to prepare for the coming struggles. It is essential to work and fight for creating a Bolshevik Party that imparts socialist consciousness into the working class. Through the for the time being occasional publication of a political newspaper, we want to take the first step in this direction. The newspaper will fulfil the task of developing and discussing the programme of the Bolshevik Pary and take a stand on current issues of the class struggle. At the same time, the newspaper will wage an uncompromising ideological and political struggle against various existing pseudo-Marxist approaches.Right from the start, this work, the agitation and propaganda of our political line, will be combined with real political work in factories, plants and offices, with our own political actions and with participation in revolutionary political alliances in the fight against German imperialism and the world imperialist system.

For the proletarian revolution in the FRG, German imperialism is the main enemy. FRG is an imperialist great power rivalling for world hegemony with other imperialist great powers. It is the strongest imperialist power in the reactionary EU alliance through which also it pursues its objectives. Its historically grown militarism, revanchism and chauvinism makes it particularly dangerous. Our struggle against German imperialism is at the same time also a struggle against the world imperialist system as a whole. International institutions like the UNO, the NATO, the World Bank etc. are instruments of power of this system for imposing the interests of the „whole imperialist“ on the oppressed peoples, nations and proletarians worldwide.

Against the internationality of capital and exploitation we counterpose the internationalism of proletarians. Workers of all countries, unite! Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite! This appeal of the 3rd, Communist International is our beacon!For the proletarian men and women of imperialist countries this means unconditional solidarity and militant unity with the proletariat and oppressed peoples of dependent countries. That means above all and particularly uncovering, combatting and putting an end to the dirty work of our „own“, German imperialism in the oppressed countries by a socialist revolution in the FRG.In practice this unity can be achieved only in struggle against the chauvinism of alleged supremacy of „industrial nations“, of „innate higher productivity“ preached by imperialist bourgeoisie in our own ranks as well. Here the bourgeoisie leans itself on the working-class aristocracy among the proletariat like the trade-union bureaucracy, certain strata of high-wage skilled workers etc.In our political struggle we must in practice support above all liberation movements that attack our „own“, German imperialism and weaken imperialism as a whole. We will not support every national movement, but only those that combat imperialism in a revolutionary spirit.The organisation we intend to create will be no „German“ party, but, will it be proletarian internationalist, it can only be a party of communists from various nationalities in the FRG. It will organize all workers of various nationalities who fight for proletarian revolution in the FRG. Right from the outset it must develop special forms of organization for Kurdish, Serbian, Bosnian, Turkish, Croatian etc. workers that conduct agitation-propaganda and organizational work in the language of respective nationalities. We must develop proletarian-internationalist cooperation with revolutionary, communist and anti-fascist organizations from other countries operating in the FRG.

We take the theory of Marxism-Leninism, elaborated and further developed by the classics of Marxism-Leninism, Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, as our starting-point. Theory is discovery, generalization and guideline for revolutionary practice won by the international working-class movement in bloody struggles against capitalism. Our leading light is the Great Socialist October Revolution in Russia, which set forth the work of the Paris Commune and opened a new chapter in human history. The experiences of this revolution, but also the experiences of the New-Democratic Chinese Revolution and the Proletarian Cultural Revolution as well as of the Albanian revolution are of prime importance in the fight against opportunism and modern revisionism. We see the creation of the unity of the International Communist Movement as one of our tasks as well, to which we will try to c?ntribute as much as we can.This is a short outline of the tasks and goals of this newspaper. In the following issues we will naturally take a more detailed stand on particular tasks of the struggle, on analyses and assessments selectively.

With this newspaper we want to create a forum for discussing and working out the programmatic foundations of a Bolshevik Party, for taking up the tasks of building this organization, training the cadres and creating the necesssary organizational structures. The newspaper should also provide a forum for discussion with interested, communist orientated groups and single persons. It should contribute to winning over and unification of Marxist-Leninists. The variety of political subjects, information about political actions, discussions on programmatic issues will decisively depend upon whether we find interested readers who are ready to contribute actively to this newspaper with their own articles, reports and proposals.

(Programme of the KPD, 1918)

This is our slogan!