Carry the resistance into theimperialist centres!

Billions of persons all over the world suffer from the imperialist barbarity. In order to safeguard their
economic and military predominance the monopolist major corporations and their states created
numerous institutions and international organizations as IMF, World Bank, NATO, EU and G7, in which
they concentrate their power.
During the next months the imperialists will gather even twice at their summit meetings in Germany.
First they plan to solemnly open the new headquarter of the European Central Bank (ECB) on the 18th
of march, which particularly serves the German and French monopolies as an instrument of
exploitation in the countries of Southern and Eastern Europe. Besides representatives of the G7-States
(USA, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, France, Japan and Germany) want to meet on 7th and 8th of June
2015 in a luxury hotel in the Bavarian Alps to coordinate their economical and military ambitions and
sound out the options they have.
The struggle against ECB, EU and their exploitative policy is primarily a struggle against the German
imperialism, that is together with the French imperialism the decisive force and greatest profiteer of
the joint European policy. In its interest the people of South and East Europe are pushed into profound
poverty, unemployement and misery.
The role the troika of ECB, EU-Comission and IMF currently plays for the imperialists in the plundering
of Europe can be compared to the role the G7 play for the western imperialists in the plundering of
the whole world.
The G7 are responsible for the sorrow of millions. During the last years they have provoked bloody
wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Libya, Syria and now also in Ukraine. Many more countries were
forced into profound crisis and dependency by their exploitative and opressive policy. The exclusion of
Russia from the G7 shows that the inner-imperialist contradictions also continue to aggravate and that
this kind of alliances today still maintain their importance on world level and make our resolute
resistance necessary!
The increasingly open and hard attacks and neoliberal programs of the imperialist bourgeois against
the working class, the working masses and opressed nations have given rise to broader and broader
resistance. In Tunis, Cairo, Istanbul, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Tuzla, Frankfurt and London millions
takte to the streets against imperialist agression and capitalist exploitation and defended their rights
against the capitalist dictatorship in a militant way.
The struggles of workers, youth, women, retirees, unemployed in the opressed and dependent
countries and imperialist centres have to be united in regional and international anti-imperialist
fighting fronts. We share a common enemy, so let’s fight them together!
Let’s fight the imperialist summit of international capital in the spirit of the proletarian
internationalism. No matter, where they fortify themselves, let’s fight imperialism and capitalist