Abolish frontiers! This world is our world!

abolish frontiers

For communism! “Whose morning is the morning?Whose world is the world?Our world!” From the whole republic we come and carry on the streets of Hamburg our passion for another world. A world without exploitation and tyranny! A world without racism, without fascism, without sexism. We want a world where the …

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Armenien 2015

24. April 1915-2015 JAHRESTAG DES VÖLKERMORDES AN DEN ARMENIERN Thousands of people of all nationalities in Turkey shouted out this slogan during the funeral procession of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink who was cowardly killed in a street of Istanbul on 19th January 2007. He was a man of courage who …

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Carry the resistance into theimperialist centres!

G7 Kampf

Fight ECB and G7, fight imperialism! Billions of persons all over the world suffer from the imperialist barbarity. In order to safeguard theireconomic and military predominance the monopolist major corporations and their states creatednumerous institutions and international organizations as IMF, World Bank, NATO, EU and G7, in whichthey concentrate their …

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